Gigit is a FREE platform for anyone to use. However, there are some small fees added to certain transactions within the platform that purchasers will pay. Organizations can choose to pay these fees if they wish.


Ticket Sales:                                       2% + .49c + Processing Fee

Merchandise Sales:                          10% + Processing Fee

Auction Item Sales:                           4% + Processing Fee

Donations:                                          Optional Tip + Processing Fee


Donations operate on a tip-based model. The tip amount is completely up to the donor. We do not force a fee, because we never want to discourage organizations from receiving donations. 


Processing Fee

Gigit uses Stripe to process payments. Stripe provides a discount for non-profit organizations. Learn more about Stripe here

  • Charity Discount Fee: 2.2% + $0.30
  • Regular: 2.9% + $0.30

To apply for the discount, message Stripe with your charity registration number and a request for the discount to or visit this support page.

Once your nonprofit status been confirmed by Stripe, payments made to your organization using Gigit solutions will be processed at Stripe's nonprofit rate.